Corte San Ruffillo - Cattolica

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8 days/7 nights


05/05, 02/06,
01/09, 22/09

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6/12 people


Our second (though in no way less delightful) tour: Corte San Ruffillo - Cattolica.
Our holiday together begins in Corte San Ruffillo, where we meet for a refreshing welcome drink after you have settled into your room.
I should tell you that Corte San Ruffillo is an organic farm with (among other things) a fantastic winery, so there is no excuse for not tasting their excellent wines!

Later we will meet up in the restaurant for dinner and an introductory briefing to the week’s programme!


Corte San Ruffillo - Castrocaro Terme45 Km on road and track

Three, two, one... we are off! We head for Castrocaro Terme, the week’s first destination, which we reach by pedalling along an attractive backroad. We will visit the town’s Fortress that combines rich history with architectural interest ( We continue the tour along the path of the River Park until we reach Terra del Sole, where we take a short break to admire the square and the Palazzo Pretorio.

Back on our bikes, we still have a few stops before lunch: we pass in front of the beautiful church of Santa Reparata, follow the Coverselle track and climb to Monte Poggiolo.

We then travel onwards to the Tenuta Pennita farm, where they are expecting us for a quick lunch and tasting of their award-winning olive oil.


Corte San Ruffillo - Predappio45 Km on road and track

We wake up, have a good breakfast and at 9.30 we are ready to set off for our second day by e-bike: with a few km under your belt, you are no longer a beginner!

First stop: Predappio Alta, and then 3km down the road we reach Predappio. Here we visit the birthplace of Benito Mussolini and, later, Palazzo Varano, the historic seat of the Town Hall. We head towards Rocca delle Caminate and return to Predappio Alta where we stop for lunch.

It is important that you learn to pronounce the name (in the local dialect) of the beautiful place that will welcome us to taste Romagna's typical food and wines: Vecia Cantena d'la Pre'!


Corte San Ruffillo - San Benedetto in Alpe32 Km on road and track

It is Wednesday already! Time to visit the village of Portico where we can admire Piazza Traversari.
From here we head towards Monte Busca, home to Italy’s smallest volcano, also known as the "Burning Fountain", a flame that rises from beneath the earth: I will tell you more when we are there.

We continue to theAbbey of San Benedetto where we stop for a guided tour that will allow us to immerse ourselves in the history of this extraordinary abbey complex, built over different eras, from the Middle Ages to the early decades of the eighteenth century.

Once the visit is over, we head towards Portico for lunch at the restaurant "Al Vecchio Convento", where we will once again enjoy Romagna’s excellent cuisine!

Wednesday ends with the transfer to the Hotel Ancora in Cattolica, where we have dinner.


Panoramica - Gradara35 Km on road and track

After our move, you will immediately notice a change in the landscape: from the hills of Tuscan Romagna we can now admire the sea.

We start the second part of our tour riding along a beautiful scenic route overlooking the coast and reach Gradara, where we will visit the walls of the town’s famous castle.
In 2018, this beautiful jewel set on the border with the Marches was awarded the title of the Most Beautiful Small Town in Italy!


Tavullia - Mondaino 40 Km on road - up and down

After passing the enchanting village of San Giovanni in Marginano, known for its witch festival, we carry on towards one of the best-loved villages of many motorbike enthusiasts: Tavullia, home town of the world motorcycle champion Valentino Rossi!

We stop here to recharge with a good coffee topped with eggnog, then head on to Mondaino, home to the famous mediaeval festival of the "Palio del Daino"; we will stop inside the town’s ancient walls for a quick lunch.


San Marino 70 Km on road with gradients up to 8%

Let's face it... San Marino needs no introduction! The last leg of our tour takes us to this famed destination: a mysterious location that is rich in history, with amazing landscapes and the perfect place to pick up a souvenir.

For lunch, we will stop on a terrace from which you can admire a view that encapsulates the perfect harmony between the sea and hills, in the heart of the historic centre of San Marino, which was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2008.
The last trip back to our hotel is… all downhill!


It's time to say 'goodbye': after breakfast, we return home. The week has flown, I know ... but we hope we will have other opportunities to pedal together through this land that is generously endowed with good food, natural wonders, sea, hills, history and plenty of culture ... We look forward to seeing you again!
Vi aspettiamo alla prossima!

It is possible to arrange a transfer to Bologna Airport upon request.

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