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E-Bike Romagna

The e-bike finds its natural habitat in Romagna, the Wellness Valley

The E-bike... what an extraordinary vehicle!

Whatever your level of fitness or experience, you can enjoy the beauties of Romagna from the saddle of an e-bike.
Why? Use the assisted pedalling of the electric bike to adjust the difficulty to your needs, choosing the level of exertion that suits you best. Our beautiful land moves to a relaxed pace and offers a host of quiet roads along which you can pedal, stopping frequently to admire the ever-changing landscapes. Just 30 km separates the hills from the sea, an area in which you can admire ancient mediaeval villages, romantic churches, castles, fortresses, nature reserves and immense green forests, such as that of Sasso Frattino, today recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travelling by e-bike allows you to discover a new type of tourism, avoiding the crowds of noisy cities. It means experiencing history, breathing nature, enjoying an intimate contact with the territory and tasting the culture (food and wine included!). Romagna is a territory with so much to offer!

Dear Romagna, it was love at first sight

It is difficult not to fall in love with Romagna, in fact, nigh impossible. Indeed, this region is the homeland of Wellness, where the chances to live a holiday that can boost your overall well-being and quality of life are endless. Moreover, Romagna is ideally suited to cycle touring by e-bike, thanks to its soft, rolling hills and the wealth of natural environments crossed by easy traffic-free trails.

I could spend hours describing the beauty of the landscape, but your fondest memories will undoubtedly be linked to the area’s hospitality.
You will be welcomed, and welcomed with open arms! Your tour will include wine-cellars where you can taste our excellent local wines, produced from extraordinary native grapes like Albana, in small restaurants and country inns where you can taste the typical piadina flat-bread accompanied by a variety of delicious and healthy local food products.

Throughout Romagna there is a range of quality-certified accommodations specialised in Wellness and active vacations perfectly suited to this new type of tourism ... on the go!

Hills or sea? Both of course!

The proximity of the Adriatic Sea to the hinterland and the hills enables us to offer a really innovative and fun-filled experience: tours that include a 3-day stay in a hotel set in the hills and 3 days staying in accommodation by the sea.
In practical terms, here's what awaits you: your alarm rings, you get up to admire the sea view, catching the magic of the sun rising over the water.
A short while later, you sit down to breakfast and then you are on the saddle of your e-bike ... a few kilometres along the road and the landscape has changed significantly: you are surrounded by green hills and breath-taking landscapes.
Talking of food and wine, here is what you can look forward to: we stop on our tour for a tasting in one of the best wineries in the area, or for a quick lunch based on typical products, such as the unmissable home-made tagliatelle with meat sauce or the legendary Romagna piadina. And when we get back to the Riviera? Now is the time to tuck into an excellent dinner of fresh fish.
There is plenty of time for relaxation: the thermal spas and walks along the sea-front will provide a real treat for both your mind and body!

Some may call it "a dream", I call it Romagna!

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